From Bruising to Blushing 

My greatest accomplishment was escaping your emotional and physical restraints, It’s almost funny to hear my current complaints  Because it is nothing compared to being brainwashed into thinking bruises are love markings Or those scars on your arms and neck are caring carvings Went from bleeding on a corner alone, to being treated with nights […]


Anxiety roaring deep in the roots of my soul as if it were splitting me in half, the sensation leaves me only to wonder what if I had chosen the other path?  head twitching and thoughts overflowing trying to imagine the ‘what if’ aftermath Maybe in another dimension I chose path B instead of A, […]

So sorry, busy working on a book! 

To all of my readers who still check up on my page, you are greatly appreciated! Unfortunelty I have been unable to post lately due to finals at my college and I have been working with a few others on a book soon to be published. The book will be covering information on an all […]

Dream world 

Perhaps it was a dream she thought. Perhaps if she pinched herself she would wake up. But she didn’t want to wake up. She wanted to stay in this dream world where she couldn’t hear the voices in her head. In this dream world, her smile was more than muscle movement. She had a feeling […]

Blooming inside

      The flower inside of her has been through all of the heavy rains, muddy dirt, all the feet trampled on, and the cold nights. Finally, the flower inside of this woman has started to bloom. Her pedals are starting to get brighter, beautiful colors and her roots are getting stronger. There is […]

I remember 

I remember the way my eyes stung as soon as I opened them, as if they couldn’t bare to rest after what has been seen. They were bloodshot, almost like the man I found laying on the floor that Summer night two years back. Two years back… And my eyes are still bloodshot. I can recall […]

In my own head

Lately I’ve been lost in my head Lately I’ve been drowning in my bed Lately, time has been late A man-made tool used to identify and organize the human mind, body, and schedules within this vast land  I came to the conclusion that any action made does not matter to the complexity of time first […]