Better intentions 

Meeting you this soon wasn’t what I had planned  But you’re exactly what I’ve been praying for- Don’t let time turn you into a fool, you can meet someone tomorrow with better intentions for you than someone you’ve had history with beforehand.  My soul went from a black crow to a humming bird Finally my […]

Fresh garden

There came a day where fighting was no longer a necessity  I stopped watering dead plants Instead I plucked them from the dense, deep dirt of my garden  And made room for better rooted seeds One that blossoms in my sunshine.

For you only

Starting over is going to suck, but thank you for continunely watch me as I bleed out on the floor with your bright white grin from cheek to cheek as my last sight to see.  Funny though as soon as my blood hits the tip of your toes you scream like hell acting like you’re […]

Grass filled stroll

Eyes, stinging from the blazing bright sun Time started to slow down to a stop when suddenly the movement of warm blood running from vein to vein started to tingle  Enjoying the feel of the soft grass only lasts a moment; the replacement feeling being the itching reality of blades of green purity growing from […]

Four White Walls

Nose bleeding Heart beating Her vision faded to black dust as she felt in tune with the four white walls Living in white walls isn’t the view she had in mind but, Seems as if this will be her new and last home, just at the end of the hall The Doctor asked, “How are […]

The Devil’s den

Sleeping in the Devil’s den,Thirty crows were resting on the roof and lawn of the Devil’s den upon her arrival The sound of the door was a hard enough slam to scare them away.  Walking up to the Devil’s den, something felt off. Almost as if you can see shadows in the window, but you […]

Day dreams

The rain is so heavy that I almost feel I will never hear another sound again. Putting on the television and locking up the house not only a safe, but calm feeling to the gloomy seasonal routine. Looking around the dim-lighted living room, I can picture the random axe-murderer, whose car just “happened to break […]